Submit Bios!!!

For our poster session on April 18, 10:30am-12:30pm, a flyer will be composed with project abstracts and everyone's bio. Each team will already have an abstract for the Polytechnic Summit, so each team member should just write a brief professional bio. Here is an example:

Rachel Lash Maitra is Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Maitra earned her Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale University, and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Her research focuses on the quantization of gauge theories such as those used to describe the strong nuclear force as well as general relativity. With colleagues at Wentworth, Maitra is the author of successful grants to integrate physics and calculus curricula and to foster women's participation in STEM fields.

Please add your bio to the folder Dropbox/Math625-01 Student Folder/Expo by Wednesday, April 9.

Executive summary

WIT is able to print 36"x48" posters for your poster presentations. Let's make it easy on them by printing posters by Wednesday April 16. That way in the event something goes wrong with the printer, we won't be scrambling.

Templates for designing your poster

  • Design your poster using LaTeX (templates available here)
  • Design your poster using PowerPoint (templates available here, among other places - Google "powerpoint poster templates").

Printing instructions

(From Karen Britton)

Large Format Poster Setup
The Technology Services Help Desk is available to assist with basic setup of a large format poster, i.e. 36”x48” poster. InDesign is the preferred program to use for this. We can also setup the poster in PowerPoint if that is preferred by the user. Beyond setup, the Help Desk can also show basics of adding an image or text to the poster. Beyond that, there are a number of video tutorials on Atomic Learning or for more advanced design.

Large Format Poster Printing (Plotting)
The Technology Services Help Desk is available to assist with printing and plotting to various printers or plotters around campus. As the printers and plotters around campus are network based, please stop by the Help Desk and we can assist you with adding printers and printing out documents. We are able to verify that the document was sent successfully to a printer before you leave the Help Desk to retrieve your document at the specified printer.

Teams and Projects

Team Name Members Project Title
Write Team Name Here Ryan Burney, Nick DiFabio, Jason Silva, Mitch Lonergan, Joseph Palmieri Dynamics of Raindrops
The Flaming Gophers Mike Bedard, Cole Leether, Alex Potwardowski, Jenna Jacobs Forced Spring Systems
Write Team Name Here Howard Burpee, Zachary Wilson, Sam Dahlberg, Rob Cheetham Fourier Transform
Write Team Name Here Stephanie Atteridge, Collin Hoffman, Hriday Chawla, Faraz Syed Gain and Phase Shift
Write Team Name Here Antonya Alleyne, Elizabeth Olson, Trevor Decker Lead in the Body
Write Team Name Here Hristina Toncheva, Zack Bernier, Michelle Bova Numerical Methods
Write Team Name Here Nghia Huynh Predator-Prey Models
Write Team Name Here Connor Murphy, John McLenithan, The Pendulum
Write Team Name Here Van der Pol System
Write Team Name Here Nghia Huynh Warming, Cooling, and Ozone Pollution

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Use PowerPoint, Prezi, Beamer, any slide/multimedia presentation software, you could also create your slides using Word or Adobe
  • Approximately 5 slides, exactly 5 minutes
  • First couple of slides: introduce your topic, problem, and approach
  • Next couple of slides: show a simple example or calculation
  • Final slides: outline work plan, solution scheme, main idea for answer
  • Upload your slides in DropBox/Projects/PROJECT PRESENTATIONS before the beginning of class on Friday, March 20
  • Bring your laptops to class to fill out an evaluation form for other presentations
  • Evaluations and feedback will be provided

Order of presentations (randomly selected):

  • Team Lead in the Body
  • Team Predator-Prey Models
  • Team Gain and Phase Shift
  • Team Numerical Methods
  • Team Fourier Transform
  • Team The Flaming Gophers
  • Team Dynamics of Raindrops
  • Team The Pendulum


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